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What is a Builder?

A Theme ▸ Controls visual aspects of website

A Plugin ▸ Controls the functionality of the website

A Builder ▸ Allows user to control the visual AND functionality of the website

It’s a Builder World

Closer Look at the Beaver

Beavers bring you a Theme, Builder, and Themer!

How Much Will It Cost

There are two flavors of Beaver Builder the lite version available in the WordPress repository and the paid version ranging from $99 – $399.

I Get Everything for Free?

The lite version of Beaver Builder does have some limitations. It is great to get started and get familiar but you will find a lot of features lacking when you dive in.

The New Kid on the Block

Beaver Themer

Cost: $147

Beaver Themer costs $147, they extended the promotion for the meetup —purchase it for $110.25. Don’t delay! – Discount page

Add Ons

Beavers Unite

The Beaver Builder community is super active and has a slack channel that is open to everyone and has updates daily and a FB group that is also very active.

Beaver Demo

Still Not Convinced?

I’m convinced, what’s next?

Community Resources

Video Resources

Video Resources

Video Resources

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Contact Me & Questions

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