Leadership Quest

Connected Educator Month

Cousett Hoover

Connected Theme

The role of PLNs and Connected Learning in PD

Types of Events


  • Connected Educators with Technology in the Classroom
    • Connected K-6 Educators: Supporting Openly Networked Learning
    • Connected Curriculum: Promoting Interest-Powered Learning
  • Developing your PLN with Twitter
    • Using Twitter to Connect and Learn
    • Ten Educators For New Teachers to Follow on Twitter
  • Personal Development in your Community
    • A Fresh Perspective on Engaging Students in Computer Science: Google’s CS First Program
    • Teachers Teaching Teachers
    • Connected Administrators: Fostering Learning That Leads to Opportunities
    • Capacity-Building: Linking Professional Development and Practice

Schedule: Week 1

Schedule: Week 2

Schedule: Week 3

Schedule: Week 4

Schedule: Week 5


How To Be a Better Connector: Strategies for Educators, Parents, and Admins

Series of 4 Webinars


Capacity-Building: Linking Professional Development and Practice

The wave of initiatives is crashing down on us, and it doesn’t appear to be receding any time soon. How do we manage this pressure? How do we filter the demands to determine our priorities? How do we turn mandates into action?

What is a PLC?

  • It is not a prep time, book club, meeting, committee
  • Find creative ways for collaboration time
  • A philosophy that guides our work


Presentation Handouts

Build Effective Teams

  • Collaboration embedded in routine practices
  • Teams pursue SMART performance goal(s)


  • Specific (Strategically-aligned)
  • Measureable
  • Attainable (Aggressive)
  • Results-oriented
  • Time-bound

New Paradigm for PD

  • Emphasis on self-reflection
  • Differentiated
  • Self-directed
  • Job-embedded, ongoing


Ten Educators for New Teachers to Follow on Twitter

Technology Leadership

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  • Commit to take action.
  • Leave nothing to chance.
  • Excellence isn’t happenstansical
  • Know the communities to join
  • Be involved and share
  • Get out as much as you put in

Take Aways

Thoughts Going Forward

Connected Educator Month has ended but the quest to learn and find new resources continues.