Administrator Best Practices

5 do’s and 10 don’ts with WordPress

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5 Do! Best Practices






Do #1 Content

Social Media & Sharing

Publishing Regularly

How to create and stick to a regular publishing schedule:

Managing Subscribers and Comments

Content Resources

Do #2 Code

Staging Code Changes

A staging site allows you to test your code changes and new features before making it public to everybody. You don’t have to worry about having a backup if you install a bad plugin or want to revert back to an old theme. You can play with anything you want and nothing is live until you decide you are ready.

Host with staging site:


Code comes from three sources:

Code is updated for:

Themes & Plugins

How to choose themes & plugins:

Code Resources

Do #3 Performance

Website Speed Importance

Page Speed Tests

Page Speed Bottle Necks

Speed Road Blocks


Important to boost search engine rankings, know the latest developments in SEO to optimize your site.

Features and tools:

Performance Resources

Do #4 Backups

Automatic Backups

Backup Plugin

Backup Resources

Do #5 Security

Security Considerations

5 Major Considerations

Security Resouces


10 Don’ts

  1. Choosing the Wrong Platform
  2. Not Creating a WordPress Backup
  3. Ignoring WordPress Updates
  4. Updating functions.php without having FTP Access
  5. Ignoring SEO Settings
  6. Choosing WordPress Theme from a Bad Source
  7. Not Installing Analytics
  8. Writing in Microsoft Word
  9. Ignoring Security
  10. Not Learning More